Disney Divas for Vogue by Hayden Williams

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Older!Kai bringing his girl some celebratory flowers for finally getting her tattoos.

As to why he’s shirtless… 



smoo told me to draw zutara week stuff so instead i drew some modern au gaang. sorry for my shitty handwriting.



Creations from French Girls, an iPhone app where people draw portraits based on selfies of others. [via]

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aktigerlily said: Hey okay so I've been meaning to ask you about the whole Gaza/Israel thing... what's your view point on it? I don't want to take tumblr's word on this case.


i hope you don’t mind that i’m publishing this, but this is something i think all of my followers should see.

i think mainstream media has got this conflict all wrong.  everybody seems to be focusing solely on the number of casualties each side has had to deal with, without looking at the complete picture.

israel has only had a handful of casualties; this is true.  but that’s not for lack of trying by hamas, an internationally recognized terrorist organization, which is randomly targeting israeli towns and cities. we’re lucky because we have the iron dome defense system, which consists of our rockets that intercept theirs midair and neutralize the threat to those on the ground. we’re also pretty lucky that they’re not great at launching rockets, and a lot of them either land in open areas or land and don’t go off. additionally, most israeli buildings have a bomb shelter or some sort of safe area, so even when they are demolished, the people inside remain relatively unharmed.

the palestinians have had a few hundred casualties; this is also true. however, hamas is to blame for these deaths, and not israel.  we, unlike them, are only targeting hamas leaders, rocket launchers, and weapon stocks. the only problem is that they keep their supplies inside/under civilian homes and public places, including preschools, hospitals, places of worship, and more. we always send warnings before we attack, in order to get people to evacuate, however, hamas encourages them to stay and act as human shields, which is why there have been so many casualties. there is nothing more israel can do when civilians choose to stay where they know they will most likely die. 

despite the fact that we are under no obligation to do so, throughout this whole operation, israel has been consistently providing humanitarian aid to gaza.  we have been transporting food and medicine over the border, as well as assisting in the medical treatment of their wounded civilians.  meanwhile, hamas launched a rocket that hit a power line within israeli territory which supplied electricity to gaza, effectively cutting it off.

honestly, israel just wants this conflict to be over as soon as possible. we’ve agreed to a ceasefire on two different occasions, only to resume fighting hours later, after hamas showed no signs of wanting to stop the violence.  yes, we’ve entered gaza by land now, and yes, our army is stronger than theirs and the pictures you see are terrifying and make hamas look like they’re the victims and us look like we have an unfair advantage.

but you know what’s unfair?  the fact that my friend couldn’t celebrate her birthday this past thursday without having to worry about where the nearest bomb shelter was the whole time we were out.  the fact that a 20 year old boy had to die in combat that same night, defending his country in a conflict that escalated far beyond what israel ever wanted.  the fact that, today, two more soldiers (one a father to three children) were killed by terrorists who infiltrated israel wearing idf uniforms, and an innocent bedouin man was killed in his home by a rocket launched from gaza. the fact that hundreds of thousands civilians living in southern israel have to drop everything and run to the nearest bomb shelter multiple times a day.  the fact that “stay safe” seems to have replaced our “goodbye”.  and yes, the fact that hundreds of innocent palestinians have had to die because hamas only wants israel to disappear and doesn’t give a single fuck about the civilians they have to sacrifice in order for that to happen.

my personal opinion about everything that’s been going on is that all this violence in general is ridiculous, unnecessary, and has honestly gotten way out of hand.  but i will never, ever blame my country for exercising our right to defend ourselves.  i’ve often struggled with the idea of having to live in israel, never mind having to serve in the idf. i can’t deny that there are a lot of things wrong with israel, and i’m not always thrilled to associate myself with it.  however, i’ve never been prouder to be israeli than i have these past couple of weeks. we are strong, we are resilient, we are supportive of each other and kind to those who do not always deserve it.

and how could anybody not stand by a nation like that?

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Mako stirs from sleep to a grey drizzle and brushes away the gravel pressed into his skin.  The city is slowly rousing from a sluggish haze too, satomobiles sounding like rolling waves in the distance. The newspapers he’d laid down as bedding last night are soaked, but the headlines are still legible. A child was born two days ago, on Air Temple Island, the whole world hushed to see if the spirits have blessed her with the gift of wind. 

He puts the papers away and goes to wake Bolin. It looks like it will rain harder later.

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I feel like this photo set sums up the entire series.  The men talk about doing shit; the women get shit done.